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If you are in any doubt about giving us a call about a removal job you need undertaking, take a moment to read some of the reviews and recommendations from our satisfied clients:

New Malden Removals Reviews

“good effort turned up on time also didnt break anything and worked hard. nice blokes to. no complaints from me.”  arron via Google

“15 minutes late in the morning, but could have been a lot worse. Helped move me into New Malden last month and did a great job. Good local knowledge helped with parking and travel.Thankiesss! I want to give a biiiiig thanks to Charles and Alan for helping me move out of my halls!!! You guys were really great. See you again next time! P.s Thanks again for all the free tape. It really came in handy!” kdarnborough via Thomson Local

New Malden Removals Recommendations

“New Malden Removals Right. Well, reviewing a removal company is not typically my style, but seeing as I was rather pleased with their service, along with the fact that the majority of their demand must result from the powerhouse that is Google – I feel I should lend them a hand. After all, every little helps (so they say). Firstly, Charles, Alan and Michael(?) were extremely gregarious and quite frankly, easy to be around. It made what I thought to be a trying experience, quite pleasant and manageable. Secondly, they worked extremely hard. The reason I know this is from trying to help out. A few tries at taking my boxes down three flights of stairs and I was done. It seems that manual labour is not my forté. If anything, it highlighted how badly I need to get on the treadmill! Thirdly, and finally, they gave me the cheapest quote out of 3 companies. I was paying on an hourly rate and they slightly underestimated how long the job would take, which meant I payed slightly more than expected, but this was still very reasonable. Overall, I highly appreciate their work and feel that others will experience the same.” 5 stars alex via Google

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